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Roasted Snake head Fish/ Goroi Maasor Pura Pitika

October 10, 2018

FOOD is something that not only helps us survive everyday but also creates a lot of moments and memories. I am sure there is not a single person on earth who does not miss a particular food stuff or meal that he/she used to eat in childhood. There are so many stories and moments that we heard and lived. Whenever I think of home I think of food. Food prepared by my granny and my papa. Infect, I still request them to cook certain special dishes when I visit home. Today I am going to share one of such recipes, very common in Assamese homes called “GOROI MAASOR PURA PITIKA” i.e. Roasted Snake head fish mashed with garlic, onion and coriander.

Fish in Assamese Cuisine:

If we talk about Assamese cuisine or traditional food and not discuss Fish it will be a major blunder. Fish is one of the most important food items in Assamese traditional cuisine. River Brahmaputra is the biggest source of Fish in Assam. However, the variety of fish is harvested from many rivers, ponds and lakes as well. The extremely wet climate and numerous water bodies has made it possible to have large number of fresh water fish in the Brahmaputra valley. Fish is staple to Assamese households and there is not a single community in Assam who does not eat fish. Most of the families living in rural areas/ villages have their own pond and harvest fish.

Goroi Maasor Pitika:

One of the most popular and common fish preparations of Assamese cuisine. The English name for this fish is Snake Head. It belongs to the Channidae family of fish genus. They are also widely eaten in the countries like Cambodia,  Vietnam, Thailand and other South East Asian Countries. This fish is also consumed for it’s therapeutic properties.  There are many ways of cocking Snake head fish in Assamese traditional palate but the most popular one is the one we are going to discus today.

My father is a big fan of this dish and masters in preparing it. As a child I remember my dislike for this item as it was hard for me to watch the fish being roasted. However, as I grew up I developed the taste for it and now I can roast it and make it just like my father. It is a very simple recipe and requires only few ingredients easily available at home. So, let’s start cocking some delicious food.


Preparation Time 20 mins maximum.

goroi maas pitika
The Ingredients


  1. Snake head fish 2-3 pieces
  2. Garlic few gloves (3-4 max.)
  3. Ginger  a small portion.
  4. Chilli 2-3 pieces
  5. Fresh Coriander
  6. Salt and mustered oil to taste.


Step One 1.

Clean the fish properly, get rid of the dirt and shall like skin before roasting. Since the fish will be very slippery in this stage it is better to wipe it with a cloth and make it completely dry. After that make some visible slits on the fish and apply some salt.

Step 2.

Grill or roast the fish one by one on fire. If you have a grill it is fabulous but if the grill is not available it can be done on a regular gas burner/ stove. The fish must be roasted on a low flame for at least 10-15 mins. It must be noted that  the over roasting of the fish will make it rubbery and an under coked fish will be too mushy. Therefore, it has to be roasted to perfection. To achieve such consistency the fish must be kept on low flame and cocked until its juices starts dripping.

Goroi maas pura
Roasting a fish

Step 3.

This is one of the Difficult part of this dish, Deboning the fish. It is advised to do while the fish is still hot in order to get a clean fish without any big bone in it. Of course there will be few left and impossible to remove but try to remove the bones as much as possible. The bones can be really messy and can also cause problem while eating. take the help of a tuser to take out the small bones.

Step 4.

Finally, mash the fish and mix it with the rest of the ingredients together. The other ingredients that are already mentioned above must be cut into small sizes and mixed with the fish and mash it.

Roasted Snakehead fish
“Goroi Masor Pitika”.. Finally it’s done

Serve it with steam rice to get the best taste of it. I am sure you all will love it. Do try this at home and let me know.





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