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Photo story: A Weekend getaway to Mandarmani

July 24, 2018

Mandarmani is one of the most popular weekend escapes among the people of West Bengal. This seaside village lies in the East Midnapure district of Bengal. It covers the norther end of the Bay of Bengal. It is almost 180 km. away from Kolkata.

Unlike Digha, Mandarmani is less crowded and peaceful. This place is one of the most fastest growing tourist spots of recent times in West Bengal. With Good connectivity by different transport means such as, Car, Train ad Bus etc. Mandarmani has gained a lot of popularity among the local crowds. The Major attraction of the beach is the Red Crabs crawling over the beach. Apart from the crabs the beach is also popular among the visitors for being the  longest beach ever where you can drive. However, driving during the summer times is prohibited. It is perfect location for a peaceful getaway. With ample number of reasonable resorts with beautiful sea food and relaxed environment Mandarmani is becoming a major attraction among tourists from in and around West Bengal. We created a lot of memories in this beautiful destination. Sharing a Photo-story from our weekend trip to MANDARMANI.

Mandarmani beach
A walk in the beach


Source: Google
The summer beach
Sea, Sun and Sand…
Mandarmani Mohana
The trees near the Delta…
mandarmani village
The village side


Mandarmani beach
at Mandarmani Mohana

It is very easy to reach Mandarmani From Kolkata. It takes 4 hours to reach Mandarmani from kolkata by car and it is also accessible by train that takes only 2 hours to reach the destination. A bus can be also a cheep option that is easily available.

So Friends next time you visit Kolkata plan a trip to this beautiful place and spend a peaceful and relaxed weekend. Till then enjoy this photo- story and keep planning.




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