How to be More Productive and stay Focused in life

May 16, 2018

There are so many things that a person can do to be more happy, healthy, content and organised in life. But what we often end up doing is either being too busy or too lazy. Life goes on in the same way it was. Infect, we become tiered and less productive, our goals fade away and we look for easy milestones to complete. Compromising with our dreams and aspirations becomes quite normal or should I say out of our league. We stop trying and hence never achieve what we may be capable of.


You are the limit to Yourself


If I take my own example, I end up being too lazy, unproductive and unfocused. I even try to justify my laziness with certain lame excuses like, “I was cleaning the house”,  and “I had a big pile of cloths to wash”,  etc. etc. However, I could have accomplished a lot many other meaningful things rather than washing cloths or cleaning my house. I could have read more, write a gratitude journal, prioritise my work and work on my goals. But it’s not happening and I wanted to know why? because I was not willing to change what I was doing. I was limiting myself from being more productive and focused by burdening myself with works that meant less important.

Hence, you are the limit to yourself. Stop being a stumbling block to your productivity and start motivating yourself through identifying your goals and prioritising them. It not only makes life much easier but a lot more meaningful and focused.

Plan your day ahead to be more Productive


It seems really silly but it has worked wonders to at least me. Planning your day beforehand can really help you get organised and productive through out the day. This exercise will also help you in focusing on the things that are of more importance rather than wasting your time in some other less important work. I maintain a small morning journal to note down my to do list for the day and mark check afterwards as I finish them one by one.  This way starting from the most important to least important everything gets done. This is a small but one of the effective ways to be productive and stay focused in your life.

Embrace Good habits to be more focused


Our daily habits contribute a lot to our overall productivity. For example we may swipe our unproductive or meaningless habits with some more meaningful and useful habits. Such as ..

A. Incorporating any type of an exercise routine in our daily life instead of snaking around here and there, it may be Yoga, Swimming, playing an outdoor game or simply hitting the gym. you may be very busy at work or as I already said at home doing less important work. But taking care of your mind and body through a proper exercise can make a huge difference in your daily life.

B.  Stop watching meaningless YouTube videos and Netflix all the time. Instead listen to a good audio book or watch a motivational video for at least once in a day.

C. Give sometime to yourself and don’t hang out with your electronic devices. I regret wasting a lot of time on Facebook and Instagram without being really productive earlier. It is always better to have a time slot for your social media activities. This is one of the most addictive and time consuming things that we do everyday to make us more dull and unproductive.

D. Dedicate a certain amount of time period for each task, be it a household activity or an assignment you have to complete. Of course every work is important and we must accomplish it but we must not loose our track. Therefor, it is very important to divide the work and assign an amount of particular time period to be more effective and focused in completing it.

These are some of the very basic changes that can be started with and you can have your own set of rules and enjoy life to its fullest. From learning new things to joy of accomplishment everything can be achieved.

Stay Motivated


Motivation plays an important role is taking us close to our goal. However,  lack of motivation can also be a cause of lack of productivity and failure. We can literally derive motivation from each and everything in and around us depending upon our goal. The very first rule to stay motivated is not to wast time and keep yourself engaged with something that helps you in pursuing your dream. For example, if you are a homemaker and love cooking opt for a coking course nearby or enrol yourself in an online course in sites like Udemy Or Skillshare These are some of the most amazing online learning sites that offers hundreds of courses in different areas and provides you the opportunity to learn in your own comfort. Again, engage yourself in small projects. These projects may be anything from cleaning a room to finish reading an important book, from creating a mini series of meaningful content to planning a trip.  It can be anything but it has to be something that helps you in achieving the larger goal.

Appreciate what you have and never stop dreaming


It is often found that we humans are not that appreciative of what we have. We tend to ask more and want more but not show our gratitude towards what we always have with us. It not only injects negative energy but also insecurities that in turn makes us less productive and less focused. Of course it is human nature to aspire for more but that does not mean we can’t be grateful for the things we have already achieved. Hence, having a positive mindset and appreciate what you have achieved in your life is extremely important to  keep you motivated and productive. However, just being appreciative and living happily for the rest of your life will also not help. One must not stop dreaming. Our dreams and hopes keeps us moving forward in life and when we see our dreams turning into reality we find ourselves happy. I was very much into making vision boards. not because I knew the power of these but because I enjoyed making beautiful boards that had my most favourite pictures and mottoes.  It was only later I realised how strong my dreams were and the Law of Attraction is.

Staying productive and focused in your life is not only important but also very basic. An unproductive and unfocused person can never progress in life and achieve what he or she is capable of. Do not forget to give in your feedback and let me know which way you are going to bring in more productivity into your life.







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