Five Essential Gadgets for a Smart traveller

March 16, 2018

Every monotonous lifestyle and hectic work schedule calls for a break and that’s when we travel, to rejuvenate and relax. But a wonderful holiday or travel experience can be incomplete without a great Picture and a video. Again, being on holiday does’t necessarily mean unplugging yourself from family and friends. Keeping in touch with your dear ones is also important. In this case technology comes handy. Let us look at five such essential gadgets that will make your travel experience whole lot better. Here we go!

Travel Gadgets



A camera is the most essential travel gadget one can carry while travelling. Capturing the essence of the places you visit and creating memories through various recordings has become possible because of this wonderful gadget.

Currently it has become a trend to carry fancy expensive DSLR cameras among travellers. But trust me it is of no use if the functions of such a camera is not known to you. A handy Digi-came or Point and Shoot camera is also equally good.  A DSLR offers a lot of versatility in terms of taking images provided you know how to operate it. Meanwhile, a Point and Shoot camera has less options, but now a days it has advanced and take pictures nearly as great as DSLR’s. These cameras are also handy and much affordable. Moreover, Photography is an art, it depends on how you frame and post process the image. Therefore, a camera (DSLR or Point and Shoot) is a must have gadget for every traveller.

Earphones or Headphones

Earphones or Headphones

While travelling we often prefer to listen to music. A Smartphone loaded with music and videos is perhaps the first thing we do when we start packing our bags for a trip. A head phone or a earphone can be a great accompany to keep you away from the boring side of the journey till you reach your destination. It can be very useful in flights, buses and trains to listen to your favourite music or podcast without disturbing your fellow travellers and passengers.

There are many types of earphones and headphones available now a days. Wireless, with and without speaker and Bluetooth enabled etc. One can select from a variety of such options available in the market.

Power bank
Sony Power bank


Power Bank

It is quite frustrating when you are on a journey and your smartphone is dead. A smartphone has become a necessity for every human being in today’s world. The wide-spread use of smartphone for almost every purpose be it professional or personal has made it a must have gadget for 24/7. But the battery of your smartphone gets drained quickly because of its ever increasing use. The continuous use of smartphone for internet, communication, Apps, Games and work, the battery fails to last after a few hours. It is very important to keep your devices charged and most importantly phone, because it is a life saving device at times. This is when a portable power bank comes handy. There can’t be any other great solution than having a charger for your mobile devices that charges on the go. Now a days, these power banks comes with the USB points as well that have become a must have gadget in every travellers list of gadgets.

travel adapter
travel adapter




World Travel Adapter

Another one of the most essential gadget is a travel adapter. An adapter is useful when you travel overseas, as the charging protocol of every device can be different in different country and also you will have to match your gadget’s plug to the outlet. A World travel adapter or a universal adapter is one of the most useful gadgets that can be used worldwide. Infect it is advisable to carry an adapter while you are travelling to avoid charging issues and unwanted accidents.

wifi sd card
Wi-Fi sd card

Wi-Fi SD card

A Wi-Fi SD card is another essential item to carry while travelling. This amazing thing allows you to use it in any type of cameras (Point and Shoot/DSLR cameras). It can be used to transfer the image files to your desired device on the spot and immediately. It makes social media sharing and storing quite easy.  This also solves the space problem as well. A must have for every traveller.

Apart from these mentioned Gadgets there are various new gadgets that cater to different needs of today’s  smart travellers. However, these are some of the most common gadgets that I find very essential to every trip, be it personal or professional. So, next time you travel don’t forget to travel smart and carry these gadgets for a hustle free travel experience. And don’t forget to let me know what gadget you find the most essential one while travelling? Till then, happy travelling….










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