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I am Dr. Jinty Rajkhowa, the author and the editor of this blog.

Blogging has always been a crazy obsession for me and this lead to the creation of this blog. This is a  space where I share my experiences and knowledge about various aspects that include a range of categories like, Travel, Lifestyle, Photography, Fashion and Food etc. I always try to create helpful and informative content here.

I hold a Doctorate Degree in Social Sciences and am actively engaged with research for past seven years. Apart from that my passion for blogging and constant engagement with social media encouraged me to hold a specialisation in Digital Marketing as well. When I am not Blogging I am listening to music or an audio book, read books, click images and cook food. Cooking and Music seems extremely satisfactory for me whenever I am stressed. I aspire to be a good photographer someday, as I love capturing every moment and rejoicing it later.

The name of the blog, as you guys can guess is after a Flower. Chrysanthemum is one of my most favourite flowers. I admire the beautiful things and seek inspiration from them. A flower is the only thing in the whole world that is loved for its beauty and then fragrance. This thought inspired me a lot in creating this blog and thus the name was coined.

I believe the world is full of surprising things. From people to culture, concrete to nature, everything around us has its own beauty. I appreciate beautiful things, love art and culture, enjoy nature and explore new things. This blog is all about promoting happy and healthy living that inspires every soul to find its inner peace.

Please feel free to connect with chrysenthemum through various social media platforms and for any quarry you can drop me an email at  jinumaina@gmail.com .

Thank you for visiting chrysenthemum.