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5 Romantic Things for Couples to do in Manali

March 10, 2019

Hello my beautiful friends…

It’s been a while since my last post. The last few months have been really busy for me. I have been constantly travelling between cities to spend more time with my family and vacationing with my man. Finally, I am back to my den and ready to share my experiences with you all.

So for this blog I wanted to share some of our favourite romantic things to do in Manali. The year 2018 has been an amazing year for us, specially the month of December. We went to one of the most travelled destinations of India i.e., Himachal Pradesh and we fell in love. Although, we couldn’t take a offbeat look at the place, we did had amazing time exploring it in our own way. Trust me guys it is breathtakingly beautiful. Words cannot describe it’s beauty and a camera cannot do justice to it’s views.

The majestic mountains and snow capped peaks can never go out of fashion. Himachal Pradesh is a vast state and it has many hidden gems. Meanwhile, we leave the rest of the offbeat places to discover for the next time and find out some of the most romantic things couples can do while visiting Manali.

Manali is one of the most travelled destinations of Himachal Pradesh. A honeymooners paradise and a winter wonderland.

Gulaba Village, Manali
Playing with the Snow. Gulaba

Do some fun snow activities in Gulaba together

Manali is known for its fun snow activities, every year thousands of tourists visit Manali to enjoy snow. For a romantic vacation Gulaba is a perfect escape. A beautiful village situated at an altitude of 4300 meters approximately. It is emerging as a popular attractions among the tourists, a little over an hour drive from Manali, this village is a winter wonderland. A day full of snow activities and walk through the beautiful high roads with some amazing view is definitely going to be an experience like never before for the couples looking for some dose of romance and adventure.

The morning views.

Enjoy the Morning views and Sunrise together

Morning views in the mountains are extremely beautiful and romantic. Sipping that hot cup of coffee gazing the misty mountains siting beside your partner is what a vacation calls for. Many people rush to go outside and visit regular spots, however, we prefer the other way. Spending quality time watching the sun rise in the arms of your loved one and spending a day at leisure is indeed a romantic thing. Don’t you guys think so ?

Couple tip: We stayed at the Hotel Holiday Heights, Manali. The views from it’s Luxury rooms are absolutely stunning. The honeymoon room with private balcony is recommended for a romantic getaway.

A date at a Local Trout Farm

Have a meal at a local Trout fish farm together

What can be more romantic then having a meal at a local fish farm surrounded by the nature. Manali has these amazing Trout fish farms by the river Beas and also on the way to Naggar Village. These farms have amazing natural surroundings and offer delicious Trout preparations in local style. The place gives you an opportunity to see how the fish is cultivated and even lets you see how it is coked. Apart from that exploring this side of Manali, surrounded by beautiful greenery and the constant sound of the flowing river makes the whole experience very romantic.

A fairy tale night.

Taste the local Wine

Manali is also known for its local wine production. One of the most romantic things to do is to have a date night with your partner indulging yourselves in sipping some local wine. The variety includes all sorts of fruits and the famous rhododendron flower flavours.  

 Couple tip: The Rodo and the peach flavours are some of the best wine to try out while in Manali. It will also make an amazing Souvenir for friends back at home.

Cuddle a bunny

Cuddle a Bunny

We saved the best for the last. Yes the most cutest thing ever to do in Manali is to cuddle a bunny and pose for some cool pictures. These little snow bunnies are found in almost every major tourist spots of Manali. Holding one of them and cuddling for sometime sure makes your day lovely. Isn’t it amazingly adorable to have such a lovely experience together.

couple tip: Try to have this experience of holding this little fluffy in Gulaba Village. The beautiful mountain surroundings and views will make a lovely place to strike a pose with such a beauty. We have in our arms is JONNY. Isn’t he adorable?

With that I would like to wind up for this time, however, I am sure there are lot many other fun stuff you guys may have done somewhere while on your vacation. Don’t hesitate to share.



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