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20 images that will inspire you to visit Darjeeling

June 20, 2018

Darjeeling- a beautiful canvas of nature. Travellers delight and honeymooners paradise. From snow capped Kanchenjunga to lush green Tea gardens, it takes only a glimpse of this magnificent place to fall in love with. Let us discover Darjeeling through My lenses …


The queen of Hills.
Natural beauty of Darjeeling.
The Morning view of the Town.
The Beautiful night view of the City, Darjeeling.
The iconic Glenary’s, Darjeeling.
The amazing ambience of Glenary’s, Darjeeling
The famous Darjeeling Tea at the Glenary’s, Darjeeling
Victorian interior of the Iconic eatery.
The happy valley Tea estate, Darjeeling
Lush Green Tea plantation in the lap of Clouds, Darjeeling
The nature at its best.
The scenic beauty of Darjeeling.
Wild Strawberries,. these tiny beautiful fruits can be found all around Darjeeling.
The Heritage of Darjeeling. A toy train ride is definitely a delight.
The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway.
The Bordering areas of Nepal is breathtakingly beautiful.
The amazing view is to die for, Darjeeling.
Somewhere near Simana, Darjeeling.
The most famous Chowrasta, Darjeeling.
Taking a stroll around Sanchal Maa mandir near Tiger Hill, Darjeeling

It was a trip to remember, we definitely explored an unexplored side of Darjeeling and created some wonderful memories. Hope you guys can feel the breeze of Darjeeling through my images. I had an amazing time  with my friends and family and now its time you also visit this beautiful place and create your memories. Hope this photo story is enough to inspire you.






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